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Section 199A of New Tax Code Offers
New Hope for American Seniors

It Could Help Millions of Americans Supplement their Social Security Income

According to a new study by the National Institute on Retirement Security, the U.S. retirement savings deficit could be as high as $14 trillion.

That means millions of American seniors could spend their “golden years” struggling to make ends meet.

Without sufficient savings, many retirees will rely on their Social Security for most, if not all, of their retirement money.

And that’s not good.

The average Social Security monthly stipend of about $1,400 simply isn’t enough to pay for housing, groceries and medical bills.

Fortunately, there’s hope.

And it’s all thanks to the little-known section 199A of the brand-new tax code. It offers an alternative source of income that could pay many multiples of Social Security checks.

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Most Americans still don’t know all the details of what’s inside the new tax bill. With nearly 500 pages of legal jargon, it’s hard to keep pace with all the changes.

But the Congressmen who passed the new law are very familiar with section 199A. In fact, many of them are already cashing in.

The International Business Times reviewed the most recent personal financial disclosure records of 44 lawmakers in the House and Senate.

And they’ve confirmed congressmen have collected up to “$16 million of annual income” from entities impacted by section 199A.

For example, representative Darrell Issa is collecting at least $410,000 a year.

That’s the equivalent of $34,166 a month. Or 24 times more money than the average Social Security check.

According to some reports, there’s a total of up to$1.17 trillion at stake this year. For that reason, section 199A is starting to grab attention from some income experts.

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One of them in former hedge fund manager and best-selling author Zach Scheidt.

Mr. Scheidt has been investigating this situation for the past few months. According to him, this is not a congressional perk.

He says these types of checks are available to everyday Americans.

In fact, Mr. Scheidt has just released a brand-new book with all the details. He says:

“Some congressmen are collecting an absolute fortune, all thanks to section 199A. I don’t think that’s fair. Hardworking Americans deserve this money more than anybody else. That’s why I wrote an entire book about this opportunity.”

Mr. Scheidt’s book is called Congress’ Secret $1.17 Trillion Giveaway.

And it has all the details on this opportunity, including step by step instructions on how to collect some of that money.

A few everyday folks who’ve read the information inside this book are already reporting they’ve collected checks for as much as $939, as much as $6,235 and even up to $21,538.

Although this book is not available for sale on Amazon or any other retailer, Mr. Scheidt has a limited number of free copies available.

These will be distributed for free on a first come, first serve basis.

If you’re looking for retirement income, I strongly encourage you to check out what’s inside this book.

You can claim your free hardbound book here while it’s still available. Click here for more details.